About the Challenge

To create a logo and brand for myself. The logo should reflect how I see myself as a designer and how I want others to see me as. How does my work make me different from all other designers?

About the Solution

Man oh man did this one take forever! Probably the toughest subject I'll ever undertake is making a design that brands myself as a designer, it's almost like an identity crisis! After several variations, sketches and revisions, I designed a logo that strengthens my corporate roots. I specialize in corporate branding & design both digital and print, my logo reflects that.



Color Palette


The cards were printed on MOO luxe business cards, made with extra thick 600 gsm stock. So fancy.


When creating my logo, I decided on a hexagon mainly on the sense of structure it has. Both dynamic and stable, the hexagon has a sense of timeless reliability that's different than the conventional circle or square. Not only does it remind me of simple and clean corporate design, but also brings to mind super hero insignias, I love super hero comics, just icing on the cake.