Inspo in a Bottle


As much as blogs serve a purpose for the people reading them, I’m not really sure that’s the direction I want to take with this particular series. I feel every few seconds there’s a far more capable creative writing some kickass niche tutorial or insightful commentary of their respective industry. Though I can go that route I feel there’s already so much digital noise out there, I feel I’d be shouting into some sort of void. This isn’t to be a contrarian just to be a contrarian, nor is it some pretentious hipster bullshit. Rather, I want to clearly establish some sort of expectation and purpose to this blog, if anybody from the void is reading this at all.

I recently read a book called Steal Like an Artist by Austin Kleon, definitely recommended if you’re every in a creative slump of sorts. He gives advice to fellow creatives either starting out in their industry or just in need of inspiration. In it, he mentions how most advice to others is really advice to a past version of yourself. If you were able to speak to an earlier version of you, what would you tell them? As Kleon says, “all advice is autobiographical”.

It’s in that spirit that this blog is made. I’m writing a message in a bottle to a version of myself in the past. No particular version, really. It can be the socially awkward guy that drew back in high school, or to the smarty-pants asshole of college. In that same regard I want these messages to serve as a reference point to myself in the future, a written record of who I was and something digitally tangible for me to travel back to. I'll try to keep it once a month, give myself some room to breathe. I don't want this to start feeling like a chore or burden.

I’m 26 right now, 27 in just two months. Will I be a different person then? What about 28? 29 or 30? I think these are the most interesting years of my life, it’d be nice to look back and see what kind of advice I gave when I was younger and what advice I can give now.

Join me as I start sending these letters in a bottle down the digital void that is the internet. Hope to see you again.